Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time for a Refill - Fox's Sean Hannity on Bill The Beer Guy

Now it seems Fox's Sean Hannity wants a peace of the Obama Beer Basket.

The White House beer summit could be making a return. Now it all stems from comments made President Obama earlier this month in Maine. Let's take a look:


OBAMA: I want to give a little plug to Bill here. Bill owns Market House Coffee and the Maine Beer and Beverage Corporation both here — right here in Portland.

In exchange for this publicity, I hope that I'm going to get some samples of the beer.


Well, ask and you shall receive. Now this is the spread on its way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue courtesy of Bill the beer guy. Now Bill tells the AP, "How could I say no? Being a good American I had to answer the call."

Well, at least the White House fridge will be fully stocked the next time the president insults somebody and has to host a beer summit. What a relief.

Oh and by the way, Mr. President, I'm still available for that beer. I'll even pay for it.

Bill The Beer Guy would like to see THAT happen!

Here's link (the clip is about four minutes in)


WGME 13 Top Stories

WGME 13 Top Stories

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bill The Beer Guy was looking good, once again, in his custom BeerMe t-shirt this morning as he sat down for a live interview with WGME Channel 13. Stay tuned for footage........

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bill The Beer Guy On CNN!!!

Here's Bill getting ready to go live on CNN!

Bill The Beer Guy Expedites Beer Delivery to Obama

Read Ray Routhier's story about the press conference at this link.

Maine Brewers’ Guild members gathered this morning at the Public Market House in Portland to celebrate a gift basket of Maine beer being headed to the White House.

Bill Milliken, owner of Maine Beer and Beverage Company, was mentioned in President Barack Obama's speech during his visit to Maine earlier this month. Obama highlighted Bill as an example of a small business owner who will benefit from federal health care reform. Milliken owns Maine Beer and Beverage and Market House Coffee, both located in the Public Market House.

During his speech, the President jokingly asked Milliken to send him some samples of Maine beer and stated Bill “nodded in the affirmative” that he would. Today, Maine Beer and Beverage Company, the Maine Small Business Coalition and the Maine Brewers’ Guild fulfilled that promise.

This historic occasion was marked by speeches by Maine Governor John Baldacci, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, Portland Mayor Nick Mavodones, and Bill “The Beer Guy” Milliken.

Maine beer headed to the White House in the gift basket includes:
Allagash Brewing - Curieux; Andrew’s Brewing - English Pale Ale; D.L. Geary Brewing - Pale Ale and Hampshire Special Ale; Gritty McDuff’s - Red Claws Ale; Maine Beer Co. - Spring Peeper Ale; Marshall Wharf Brewing - Illegal Ale-Len and Cant Dog IPA; Oak Pond Brewing - Laughing Loon Lager and White Fox Ale; Sea Dog Brewing - Sea Dog Bluepaw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale; Sebago Brewing - Single Batch Series Milestone Ale; Shipyard Brewing -Export Ale and Pugsley’s Signature Series XXXX IPA.


Bill The Beer Guy loves his new custom Obama Beer Me t!
This t-shirt was included in the Obama Beer Basket
that was sent to the Whitehouse this morning.

Special thanks to Meredith Alex at MadGirl World

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beer = Stronger Bones!

Better bones through beer drinking? Check out this link and confirm those suspicions.